Electric fields, Magetic fields, Gravitational fields, Higgs fields and any other fields usually invisible but Mathematically feasible could have quantum fluctuations in short time intervals permitted by Heisenberg uncertainty principle. These quantum fluctuations if occur at large enough amplitudes could result in electrons and quarks through interaction of the respective fields and indeed a universe. Early stage of the universe might constitute thick and dense plasmas of quarks and leptons but cooling down to protons (Hydrogen nuclei) by the time of 380,000 years. At this stage atoms begin to form primarily of Hydrogen and any background radiation from that time onwards is detected by Cosmic Microwave Background radiation.


The Universe is 13.8 billion years old and the galaxies and stars still being evolved and ever expanding as the general relativity predicted from Einstein's field equations. Slight variation in temperatures in the early universe has led to form galaxies and the galaxies bound by huge black holes in their central axes. Galaxies may contain hundreds of billions of stars and some having planets orbited. Stars are usually Hydrogen Helium based; however, Star evolusion and final burning may result in formation of higher order elements such as Li, B, Be, C, N, O, ..Fe. These elements were crucial in formation of life in the early evolusion of planets such as earth. Elements combined to form CO2, H2O, CH4, NH3, SO2 and many other lifeless chemical compounds but they in turn recombine to give life molecules such as Amino Acids, Glucose, Fatty acids and Nucleic acids. About 1 to 2 billion years into the earth evolusion life would have started with tiny bacteria of single cell. We now see of course multi-cell diverse biological sphere. After all we were evolved from star dusts. The earth has been around at least 4.5 bilion years already.



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